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Nick Isaacs

Nick Isaacs

Position: Firefighter / EMT-B

FF Isaacs has 39 years in the fire service.  He proudly served Bloomington Fire Dept. for 30 years, retiring in 2008 as Assistant Chief of "C" shift.  He still currently serves as a volunteer for Danvers Fire and Rescue.  Throughout his career he has obtained the following certifications:

-Crash FF Course Chanute AFB, IL:    May 12th, 1982

-Advanced FF III:    Oct. 28th, 1982

-Certified Fire Apparatus Engineer:     Oct. 28th, 1982

-Breathing Apparatus Specialist (smoke divers):      Nov. 12th, 1982, Jun. 1st 1989,

May 12th, 1997

-Vertical Rescue:   Jun. 23rd, 1989

-Hazardous Materials 1st Responder:   Apr. 27th, 1993

-Roadway Extrication Specialist:    Mar. 22nd, 1996

-Saving Your Own:    Jul. 18th, 1997

-Truck Company Operations:    May 27th, 1999

-Bomb Squad Training:    Oct. 22nd, 1999

-Command School 2002:    Nov. 18th, 2001

-Emergency Response to Terrorism: Hazmat Awareness:   Feb. 6th, 2002

-Hazmat Incident Command:    Mar. 27th, 2003

-Hazmat Tech-A:    Apr. 2003

-Mazmat Tech-B:    Jun. 2003

-Technical Rescue Awareness:    Jun. 23rd, 2004

-Vehicle/Machine Ops Transition:    Sept. 19th, 2004

-Radiological Hazmat Response Course:   Jan. 20th, 2005

-FEMA IS 100,200,700:    Nov. 2006

-NFA Command & General Staff Functions in the Incident Command System:  

June 15th, 2007

-FEMA IS 800:    Nov. 2007

Awards and Decorations Received:

-Veterans' of Foreign Wars Certificate of Appreciation:   Apr. 25th, 1993

-Humanitarian Service Medal Utica Tornado- Declaration of Disaster:    Apr. 2004


In case of emergency


Dial 911 for assistance