Our Apparatus

Rescue 122

Rescue 122

1999 - Pierce Custom - Saber - Heavy Rescue

EMS - Non-Transport BLS/D Licensed
On-Board PTO 25 kW Generator
Two Apparatus Mounted Halogen Light Towers, Two Removable Tripod Halogen Light Towers, Two
Truck Mounted Halogen Lights.
T-N-T Hydraulic Rescue Tools with Extended Hose Mounted Reels with Cutters, Spreaders, Dual-
Stage Ram
RSP Apparatus Mounted 6 Cylinder 6000 psi Air Cascade with Cylinder Refill Station

Other Equipment: Res-Q-Jack Vehicle Stabilization and Lifting Struts, 10’ Attic Ladder, ReHabEquipment (Fans, Chairs, Canopy), Air Bag Lifting System, Rabbit Hand-pump Hydraulic Spreader,Low-Angle Ropes and Rope Rescue Equipment, Helicopter Landing System, Stabilization Cribbingand Supports, Extensive Hand Tools - Extrication Tools - Loose Equipment.


In case of emergency


Dial 911 for assistance